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    Your trees are the largest part of your yard, so make sure to keep them beautiful with tree services from New Beginnings Tree Service, because . . . "The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall!"

    When you have stumps and trees which need to be removed or trees which need to get into shape, you can count on the professionals from New Beginnings Tree Service. We offer a variety of services, including removal of large and dangerous trees, stump removal and stump grinding, and tree trimming and pruning. Our experienced staff offers great customer service and, most importantly, safety. Our tree service will keep your trees well-maintained and clean up the area by hauling off the excess or the stumps. We offer low prices and we accept most insurance claims. With 20 years of experience, we can help residential, commercial, or industrial clients with all of their tree service needs.

    Contact New Beginnings Tree Service in Baton Rouge, LA, where we are serve the greater Baton Rouge area with the best in tree care and services. Call 225-268-5306 to schedule your services today!

  • Services

    Keep your trees well-maintained with tree services from New Beginnings Tree Service in Baton Rouge, LA. Our experienced staff offers you the best service at the lowest prices. Call 225-268-5306 to schedule these services, and more:

    * Tree Removal
    * Trimming
    * Pruning
    * Stump Removal
    * Stump Grinding
    * Residential
    * Commercial

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